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#HigherToposTheory Toen, Vezzosi : Segal topoi and stacks over Segal categories

Autrement qu'être Mathesis uni∜ersalis Problema Universale Heidegger/Husserl être/conscience : plan vital-ontologique vs plan spirituel d'immanence CLAVIS UNIVERSALIS HENOSOPHIA PANSOPHIA ενοσοφια μαθεσις

papier très important , Jacob Lurie précise en page 527 de HTT :

« Our notion of ∞-topos is essentially  equivalent to the notion of Segal topos introduced in the paper of Toen , Vezzosi and to Charles Rezk’s notion of model topos. We note Also That the paper of Toen, Vezzosi has considerable overlap with the ideas discussed here «

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